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PHIL 1000
Beryl Logan

120104Introduction To Philosophy IIReview of Terminology DoctrinesBackground TheoriesMoral theoriesdecision making is just another kind of knowledgeRecall the first two questions what can I know And how can I know itOur two questions of morality and Gods existence are both also forms of knowledgeVery basically we can divide how we can know things into two camps One is reason and the other is sensation The difference here is grasping something either by the understanding that is the rational faculty available to us as rational human beings or is by sensation or empiricism where all knowledge comes from experience that is to say that anything we call knowledge comes about through the senses Proofs for Gods existence can be divided into rational and empirical categories as well Such as the cosmological argument rationalist or the teleological argument empirical Moral theories also can be divded in terms of rational and empirical categories as well Such as Kants moral theory that is dependent on reason or Humes theory which is dependent on feeling or sensation The Kinds of Propositions or Statements or SentencesPropositions were divided into a matrix of four categories Two have to with a te
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