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PHIL 1000
Beryl Logan

20111128Reason and Feeling in Modern PhilosophyA Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human KnowledgeBerkeleys View of Free WillThink of Platos theory of forms Forms exist for things thatare inventable If all things are given to us by presentation through an idea in the mind of God who projects a perceptual field and we enter it Can we say by extension that God limits us by experience We are not the initiators rather we are experiencers How does Berkeley deal with the problem of evilThe issue is trying to reconcile the properties of God with what seems to be needed for moral responsibility It only makes sense to talk of moral responsibility when you could have done otherwise The issue is if we were determines to do x why would we be praised or blamed for itLeibnz asks how we can give humans free will while have a Deity that is allknowing Q can we add our own opinion to the essaysA You need to make your thoughtfulness and insight evident in the essay when reporting on a particular philosophy Surprise the professor with something you saw in the text like an inconsistency connection new perspective Berkeley and the Issue of DualismAll things are of the mind When I see things I see an idea The collection of my ideas make up an object The object just is what I observe touch taste and smell
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