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Beryl Logan

thOctober the 24 2011talking about innate ideas now is sort of an anacronism the whole notion of innate ideas had sort of gone by the wayside and part of the reason for that is the rise of empiricismmost profesional empistemologists now really do lean towards empiricism Its become dominant but that doesnt mean rationalism has been discredited Part of the process is to see Lockes criticism of innate ideas Ideas for Locke is essientially thinkingwhatever goes on up thereWe want to figure out how all of the ideas get into our consciousnessWhatever we think how did it arrive to the consciousnessThese philsophers including Locke assumed the idea of a mindThe implications of getting rid of the mind was antireligiousinstead of using the word mind well use the word consciousness That which is available there for our thinking to work uponWhat locke thinks is the first task is to show the origin of our ideasWell see the same process as Hume in regards to sense impressionsIf epistemology is to be established you must talk about the consciousnessIf Locke is going to be a strict empiricist than he must eliminate innate ideasWe saw how Descartes made use of innate ideas on paragraph 6 of meditation threethis is the passage where he first says that he among these ideas there appears to be someinnateDescartes has no justification for sa
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