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Christy Leung Intro to Philosophy Class 2 September 20, 2010 John Locke Love of truth and enthusiasm, he believes in the search for truth - Search of truth requires the love of truth - Searching of the truth requires a lot of work and you got to love it to pursue it - There are those who pursue the truth and love the truth but they have another goal - There are very few people who are lovers of the truth for truths sake - There are many people who claims to be lovers of truth for the truths sake - The one unerring mark – the degree of belief that you give to someone should be proportionate to the degree of watching them evident - There are many motives who people claim to pursue the truth - Exploitation, power, personal gain, fear, laziness, anarchy, wishful thinking... etc. => philosophers rise from that – not just the surface of truth - There are only two legitimate grounds of believe – reason and revelation of god - Scholars do agree that Locke was genuinely a religious philosopher - Reason – logic and revelation of god - Fundamental = reason, if there is real revelation there must be a fake revelation => there has to be a balance between reasoning - (1) Distinguish between genuine revelation and fake revelation; (2) anti-reason – (i.e. Martin Luther – split up Catholicism (Christianity and Protestant) - Enthusiasm – meant 100 years ago; Religious Frenzy – intuitionist view on truth; men may be evident and dogmatic about truth – just because you believe something s
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