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York University
PHIL 1000
David Stamos

Christy Leung Intro to Philosophy Class 3 nd Sept. 22 2010 Valid Argument Forms: - i.e. Modus Ponens – famous form of deductive argument p => q p thus, q -i.e. Modus Tollens (if it is raining outside, my car is wet; if it is not raining outside therefore my car is not wet) [~ not; => if __ then __ ] p => q ~q thus, ~p -i.e. Disjunctive Syllogism [v= or; ~ not] p v q ~q thus, p -i.e. Reductio ad Absurdum (contradiction) (670-671) [. = and] p p => q q => r i.e. r => ~p thus, p . ~p Invalid Forms that look Valid -i.e. Affirming the Consequent (if P then Q) p => q q thus, p -i.e. Denying the Antecedent (i.e. If it’s raining outside, then my car is wet/ It’s not raining outside/ thus My car is not wet) p => q ~p thus, ~q Opinion – point of view on something; you can have opinion on anything - Argument – one or more premises supporting a conclusion; when you give statements to back up the truth of the conclusion - Premises are statements; they are either true or false - A question is not a premise; statements are either simple or compound – simply statement is one where if you break it up in parts you don’t get statements; compound would be made out of two or mor
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