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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 AYER

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 12 The Claims of Philosophy – A.J. Ayer - Pontiffs - Journeyman (hard working philosophers, incorporates science to the meaning of life, stay focused on problems and wants to figure out the problem, uses Psychology to explain their answer) - Euthyphro dilemma X is good ^ Is it because God said it? OR God says it because it is good? - Logical positivism If a statement cannot be verified, even in principle, then it’s meaningless (Not true or false) - Is/Ought Fallacy Is Is Non moral Is Ought Moral  1947  Famous exponent of philosophy known as logical positivism to scientists  Crumpled in WWII  Two kinds of philosophers pontiffs (popes and Plato) and journeyman (hard working men)  When philosophy comes to this stage, knowledge  Post Modernism rejects searching for the truth (Fashionable Nonsense book)  Anglican Philosophy is not dominated by pontiffs instead like scientists think like them (make hypothesis, test them) very specific problem  Takes commons sense for granted  Scientist needs to learn some philosophy  Journeyman philosophers, find philosophical muddle applies it to philosophy Lecture 12 ~ Section 3 ~ o Learn more science and integrate with philosophy o Some not satisfied journeymen philosophy o No, we should not expect the answer from big question o If you got the answer from the big question o If you got the answer to meaning of life, “how should I live?” one should know since it is a practical question o “There is no true answer to these questions” o We can adopts rules of living o Purpose of why I exist o Life can have a purpose “a matter of his intending on the basis of given situation to further intended situation” (page 190)  Meaning in life not meaning of life o If we know the goal of all life, it will provide no answer to meaning of life o Might be teleological, final purpose or mechanical goal o We need to be justified o Each case would only have description not justification o Theistic evolution (god is somehow working with nature) o No good reason in believing in God o Even if the
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