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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 TAYLOR

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York University
PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 12 The Meaning of Life – Richard Taylor  1967 ~ Meaningless Existence ~  Contrasting our lives with a meaningless existence  Sisyphus, a Human Being, was in the underworld = underground  Sisyphus managed to escape to the Human World  Meaning of symbolizes of this meaning, a myth = a lot of people believe them, a lot of people do NOT believe them (considered the smart people)  We want to see the meaning/purpose of a myth  Convey values, lessons, ideals and to look up to people  Taylor suggest “symbolizes man’s eternal struggle and unquenchable spirit, his determination always try once more in face of overwhelming discouragement” (pg 135)  Another meaning, death ISN’T escapable, Sisyphus tried to escape but got caught  Underworld, ‘Hades’ is depressing  Myths have many meaning NOT one  Even if there is a life after death, it is better to live life NOW, since the afterlife isn’t that great  Ancient Greek Mythology, when you go against the Gods bad things happen to you (said by priest and priestess)  Myths function to keep power of Priest and Priestess  Taylor says it is a paradigm, “His work is simply pointless”  No fruit of labour, no accomplishment  Only thing that changed is Sisyphus’ attitude (pg 136)  Still have a meaningless life, objectively  Subjectively, it is meaningful  Intense happiness/meaningful  Human life and Taylor, NOT subjectively but bird’s eye view he does not see much of a difference, we toil to a goal until we die  Most of our time and effort is spent on earth goals (eg:
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