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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 & 18 NOZICK

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

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Lecture 17 & 18 Philosophy and the Meaning of Life – Robert Nozick  1981  Philosophical explanations  Pointing out that meaning of life “So heavily is it laden with our emotion and aspiration that we camouflage our vulnerability with jokes about seeking for the meaning or purpose of life” (page 224) - Jokes can be a fondant usage? - Jokes are defence mechanism (to avoid the fear of the meaning of life) ~Modes of Meaningfulness~ o Naive that there is only one meaning, one should look at other possibilities 1. Meaning as external causal relationships (casual aniseeds {sex})  Casual lent/consequence 2. Meaning as external referential relation (sibling relation)  Brother/Sister 3. Meaning as intention/purpose  Intended  Have purpose (can give them own life purpose)  The way we live is compatible with other life plans  Past self (psychology of death)  Part of oneself we leave behind when we die 4. Meaning as lessons  Be taught (Nazi period)  Positive and negative lessons 5. Meaning as personal significance, importance, value, mattering  Subjective meaning 6. Meaning as objective meaningless  3 person 7. Meaning as intrinsic meaning  Rejects the idea seeking meaning of life intrinsically 8. Meaning to totalism  All 8 meanings put together o Nozick doesn’t accept that words and symbols have meaning (stipulate the meaning) o Life can have semantic meaning if it refers to objective property it has  “Attempts to find meaning in life seek to transcend the meaning of life” Lecture 17 & 18  Viktor Frankl  Lucretius  Teleology  Symbios (symbiotic) ~Death~  Brings life to an end  Quotes Victor Frankl (Jewish) “Death itself is what makes life meaningful”  If no death, what can you do? (postpone most of the time)  Death makes us realize that we should not waste time  One should make time count  Nozick not impressed by Frankl’s argument  All we need to do is believe (thinking) we die is what makes it meaningful  God’s existence meaningless  If death is what makes life meaningful, then death is good  Nozick doesn’t believe that  Lucretius, atomism (believes everything created from atoms)  After you die, you will not exist, shouldn’t bother you if one doesn’t care for past deaths & future existence  Cannot experience non-existence, irrational to fear cannot possibly experience  Irrational to fear death  The past is fixed, future is open, death extinguishes the future, we want to endure not die  Past not taken away, but future is taken away
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