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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 TOLSTOY

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 2 My Confession – Leo Tolstoy `-Victor Frankl – Existential vaccum (feels life is empty / meaningless) Existential frustration (finds the meaning of life but is frustrated in finding it, signs of incompletion) -Fideism - does not have evidence in faith -Agnosticism - not knowing Abraham Maslow - Self-actualization - Self-esteem - Love / Social - Safety - Basic Needs Tolstoy - Russian Orthodox - 18 years old when he lost his faith - 10 years later (28 years old) cheated, lying, lust, stealing, drinking, murder - 15 years(55 years old) of writing & fame - Considered his career a waste of time & was just to make a lot of money & success - Arrest of life (feels like is meaningless, no reason to live, feelings of anxiety & had all the success in the world but still was not satisfied) - Chose a career to get free time & lots of money & found it meaningless since it did not satisfy him - Considered his career a waste of time & just to make a lot of money. - Easy fame & seduction of money, fame & lifestyle (support his family too) - Became paralyzed and could not do anything - Began to have mild symptoms than got worse - Growing of anxiety of death - Looking at everything very simple (or in other words deception) - Art wasn’t a dormant of life but decoy of life  Does art satisfy the meaning of life? - He did not find the acquired answer of the meaning of life & looked for it in the sciences but still no answer that could satisfy him Lecture 2 - The sceptical science “philosophy & theology” did not help either - Experimental sciences (bio, chem., physics) are accidental temporal particles which is why he didn’t believe it
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