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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 & 11 EDWARDS

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 10 & 11 The Meaning and Value of Life – Paul Edwards  1960’s-1970’s  Encyclopaedia of philosophy  If one rejects the catholic world view, and accepts scientific world view, 93% do not have a religious belief while the 7% do  Schopenhauer summary, world of suffering, “better if the world did not exist, life is NOT a gift” “if we knew what life had in store for us, we would choose to not live” “life is an illusion, it teases us with happiness” (mainly gives us disappointment)  We can dismiss Schopenhauer‘s argument (said by Edwards) since he is a bitter lonely old man. A fallacy (abusive ad hominem) however, Edwards does NOT say it is a fallacy  He says differently , people can say this if they are not a lonely bitter old man (brings up two people)  Clarence Darrow, scopes monkey trial (to teach evolution in schools) o Not a old, lonely or bitter, he is very passionate o ‘thought it was a “awful joke” ‘ o “Life is a ship in the sea, lost in the waste” (in reading) o “Life is not worth while” (life is a rip off/bad joke)  Tolstoy had everything (money, family and friends) o Found life in a ‘stupid joke’  Solution for Tolstoy, was to have a cream of suicide, embarrassed simple Christianity in peasants  Humans being are statistical  What statistically can satisfy us and statistically frustrate us? ~Next Section~  If A, bring B to an end, does it automatically follow that B is not good/follow? Edwards says not follow, just had to end Still worth while  Bertrand Russell  Martin Heidegger, being toward death, other side one ‘inauthentic’  For Edwards, this as an insult, for every human being  Edwards gives an analogy, if a person who is not good looking, and is not complaining to everyone, they go on and have a happy life, does not mean they are inauthentic, we are all limited to life  Is it true can we compare living a life or not existing?  Does immortality give life meaning? Tolstoy, Clarence Darrow thought it does  What does immorality give? Bliss?  Argues whether is intrinsically worthwhile/value  Means -> Ends o We do something for something  If one does not take the intrinsically worthwhile/value, one will ask ‘why should you’ Lecture 10 & 11  If it intrinsically worthwhile/value, it makes no sense to ask ‘why’  We do not live in the future but present o Does not mean that the ‘now’ is not intrinsically worthwhile/value  Why let the future ruin the present  It is irrelevant ~The Vanished Past~  Schopenhauer says life is a rip off  Edwards says how can one ‘value’ the past  Depends on how someone ‘
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