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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

January 17, 2013 Louis Pojman - Agnostic - One of the main contributors to religion - Second student was wrong was religion gives meaning to life - Nlindly call religio - Decidophobia (waiter kaufmann) - “Meaning in life” came up with phrase - That life has a purpose; there is some intrinsic rationale to it, it could be good, bad, or in between - Life could have a meaning but it’s trivial - Meaning in life – problem – meaning; can be extrinsic not intrinsic - WE chose our own meaning of life - Meaning doesn’t have to be a plan or purpose - Recurring themes in this course - Autonomy - May be some good purposes in life – more valuable at the time - Thought experiment - Give up some of your time - Three alternatives - False alternative – giving more or less alternatives then there really are - False dichotomy, - The world is governed in some sense by God - fallacy of “False dilemma” (false dichotomy, false alternatives, black and white thinking) - Theism - Calvinism - No human diatonic - You can’t quote (some dude, missed the name) then broadly talk about Theism - Open to interpretation - Exegesis – - Anybody who is studying religion; then they see different interpretations for different divisions and so on - Theism claims to offer the truth to the world - If we value autonomy we want to know what the truth is - What are the odds if we chose “this” or “that” - epistemology problems - Logical possibility - Being exposed to arguments you may not like, if your religious - Benevolence of supreme being - Many more theisms: deism - Theism usually means monotheism contrasting polytheism - Depends on the writer; logically polytheism is theism - Not a good way to argue - If there’s a supreme being rather than chance; if there is a being who created the universe - At the end of this article is that that if the problem is if theism is true; Pascalian argument – gambling - He doesn’t know if theism is true - If you don’t know if the - Pascalian argument- Pascal’s argument – don’t know if God exists, - If God exists and you believe – JACKPOT - If God Exists and if you don’t believe – GREAT MISery - If God doesn’t exist and you believe – Social and psychology benefits - If God doesn’t exist and you don’t believe – you’re neutral - Horrible argument – premise can’t know an
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