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January 24, 2013 Arthur Schopenhauer - 72 years old when he died – very poor healthy in the last 12 years of his life - Health problems been sick for three years when he wrote Sufferings of this world – 60 years of age - He takes suffering seriously –finds it overwhelming “enormous amount of pain that bounds everywhere in the world” - “Misfortune [in general] is the rule of the world” [??] - Massive pervasiveness in the world - Lion gets pleasure for chasing and eating the victim – Victim gets caught how terrifying they are and how they feel when there are teeth ripping into your flesh - If we think there are no pain suffering in the world “if we think this world is nice and sweet, pain and suffering . . .?” - We are like lambs in a field – - In our good days we are all unconscious of our evil faith – sickness, poverty, mutilation . . . etc - Lived longer than the average life expectancy - He thinks that that’s how life is supposed to be to die from sickness - Imagine a world where everyone got what they wanted. - We’d be swollen with arrogance or we become horribly boring = Life becomes a disaster - Like people who win the lottery - Children are damned, not to death, but to life - Wanting a crystal ball - Some pessimism is good - Life is one big rip off – person experience? – if 2 people were friends with you; one of you moves away; reconnect when you’re 75 via internet; - Going to feel disappointment in life at a whole - Psychology study on seniors what % feel that life is one big rip off [I doubt everyone would say] - Never had children, father out of wedlock, died at 1 - Spare them the burden of existence - Dishonest people make it to the top . . . - Sensitive to SHAME - Booing makes us want to crawl into a whole - Valentines? We have that animals don’t? we fall in love . . . and “Romantic love is slowest form of suicide?” - Death is very real to us animals don’t waste time and emotions on valentines day - Huge thing for us humans, anxiety attack and etc - Animals. Don’t feel the universe is absurd; they’re happy to be alive  cute lil animals - Live for now - Only really dumb peopl
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