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Lecture 6


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York University
PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 6 On the Suffering of the World – Arthur Schopenhauer  1851  Interesting Philosopher  63 years old (when we wrote the book)  73 years old (when he died)  60 years old (started to have sickness, and health problems for 3 years)  Optimistic philosophy  Very honest  Most philosophers don‟t care for suffering, but Arthur does  Misfortune in general, pain and suffering is the Norm.  More pleasure and happiness than pain and suffering  If we think more happiness in the world, you‟re naive (“we are like lambs in the fields.., what is in store for us”) {in reading}  Toronto is an oasis  “The ponderous of pain ... imagine the luxury... we either become solemn of arrogance or madness or bored.” (in reading)  “In early youth... we are like children in a theatre... waiting to began, it is a blessing that we do not know... yet unconscious.” (in reading)  “Even if your life goes well, the longer you life... life is a disappointment, life is a cheat.” (in reading)  “If two people meet again when they get old... complete disappointment that life is a whole.” (in reading)  He says sickness, poverty, loss of eyesight is in store for us.  What is your biggest regret in life?  Issue of having children. (He did not have children, had an illegalement child that died at 1) Sympatric, “spare them the burden of existence”  Look for happiness, joy not the „norm‟ (pain, suffering, unhappiness)  Argues animals (dogs, cats, cows, chickens, etc) that we envy them since they live only in the moment.  Lack the power of reason and memory Past Future Now Extended Self Lecture 6  Highly social, ambition (what do you want to be)  Capable of romantic love  Love is the source of pain and suffering  Death (animals do not think of that) existential anxiety
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