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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 CAMUS

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 7 The Myth of Sisyphus – Albert Camus  Fideism - does not have evidence in faith  La Palisse  Dan Quixote  Alien  Stranger  Exile  Deprived  Divorce  Absurdity  Eluding  Sisyphus  The Absurd Man/Hero  Absurd  Everything is Absurd (existentialist)  Camus is Atheist  “There is one truly one philosophical problem, suicide, is the fundamental question, these are games, one must first answer the fundamental question”  Philosophy is a game  Wittgenstein, leader, proper role of philosophy  “Pure philosophy” that is not real/pure philosophy  Philosopher must be an example  Died in 1960, not suicide, but car accident  “Dying in a car accident is a meaningless way to die”  “One judgement the action it entails”  Suicide caused by depression, sickness/pain or mental illness  People die for religion and political reasons (democratic evolution)  Does it give meaning? Maybe  Victor Frankl, became a existentialist and existential philosophy  On all essential problems, method of belief and Dan Quixote  Balance of evidence and literacy (Lyricism)  Killing yourself is like a confession or one does not understand (not worth the trouble)  Dying voluntary, the ridiculous of the habit Lecture 7  “In the universe the illusion and lights man is a alien, stranger, is exile, since he is deprived of a lost hope and life, the actor and setting is absurdity” (page 75)  Existentialist do NOT feel at home on earth, feels like a stranger  “Relation between absurd and suicide”  The feelings of absurdity  They are eluding, they keep living, they avoid the problem  People commit suicide even if live is meaningful ~Absurd Walls~  The “everyday man” living the life (mechanical life)  “Why am I doing this?” either return to the „everyday life‟ or “definitive awakening” (life is absurd, Denseness and Strangeness)
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