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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

[email protected]ca - the course outline & syllabus was sent to you York email - textbook: Klemke and Cahn, The Meaning of Life (2008), 3 ed. rd - small course kit (bookstore) - what philosophy is and is not - not about how you feel about this or that - philia & sophia - what is x? - critical reasoning - wide definitions vs. narrow definitions - for me:- it is not wisdom to ignore evidence - politics does not determine good scholarship God exists or, God does not exist, we are alone in the universe After death we survive, possible even get eternal life or, Death is the absolute end of life, 100% forevermore, mind/body/soul/spirit Leo Tolstoy Abraham Maslow’s five levels of needs 5) self-actualization 4) self-esteem 3) love and social needs 2) security needs 1) basic needs (food, water, clean air, sex, etc.) Viktor Frankl existential vacuum Carl Sagan Cosmos (book & video series) knowledge vs conviction (they are not the same) fideism David Swenson extended self _____________________________________________________ (my term, not his) me past me now me future (103) weltanschauung eudaimonia Alfie (Jude Law) external goods Albert Schweitzer internal goods “an ethical view of life” Matthew 6: 19-33 (Jesus on treasure) Peter Singer Louis Pojman Agnostic Decidophobia (Walter Kaufmann) autonomy “meaning in life” good, bad, indifferent fallacy of “fals
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