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Lecture 4

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York University
PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Lecture 4 Religion Gives Meaning to Life – Louis P. Pojman  Autonomy : Self Government, ability to make good choices, Rule themselves)  False dichotomy X or Y (black and white thinking)  Irenaean theodicy (that God allows bad deeds to happen because he wants us to develop morally mature souls).  Altruism (Self sacrificing behaviour). Agonistic – a = not, gonistic = know. Pascal’s Wager God exists God doesn’t exist Believe Jackpot some good Some bad Don’t Believe Horror some good Some bad  Religion is the meaning of life.  When he was agnostic (don’t know) then became religious.  During a break, he was talking to a devoted Christian and said “It would be nice if theism is true.”  Then female Atheist says “Religion keeps people from growing up.”  Argues that the Atheist is wrong.  Meaning of life, life has purpose.  This purpose can be good, bad and different.  Most of us want meaning of life to be good not bad or indifferent.  Bad = harming yourself or others.  Indifferent = trivial, like walking around endlessly not doing anything.  Meaning IN life, Meaning OF life.  Many meaning of meanings in meaning of life.  Philosophers make distinctions.  Argues that it isn’t better than good meaning of life.  He thinks that we give up autonomy to increase happiness and in others  Then he said to the Atheist that he thinks she would rather choose to have autonomy .  Atheist is committing a false dichotomy (takes a situation that has 2 options rather than 3 or more options).  Ex: are you rich or poor? (rather than)  Do you have a brother, sister or both?  That a world given by God does not mean you cannot have autonomy.  Now is talking to the Christian (from the Gospel of John) “yee shall know the truth and the truth will set you free” {open to interoperation} Lecture 4  Freedom and religion are not opposite.  Theism is a group of belief systems that has God/Gods.  Some reject autonomy like Calvinism (believes that our lives are already decided).  Problem with religious text is that it has a lot of interpretation (different ways of defining them) {and has been given options}.  Exegesis is studies of text.  Since theism offers truth of world, and since setting truth ... (in reading).  If we know why we are here, we can choose intelligently.  Epistemological problem, if religion claims to tell the truth,
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