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David Swanson

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Anita Lam

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LECTURE 3 Wednesday, September, 14, 2011
David Swanson (1949) - THE DIGNITY OF LIFE
Weltanschauung - world view
Eudaimonia (Greek) - Deep happiness
Alifie - Movie with Jude law
Theological answers to the meaning of life.
If we dont have a concept of past and future and lived as animals do, we do not have
eternal life and everything is non existant.
If we lived in the momnent it would be known as Unextended self.
Standrad View = What is human is extended sense of self.
Made a Distinction between: Prepertion for the external life and Preperation for the
internal life. = " a view of life"
"WELTANSCHSUUNG" German word, known as "WORLD VIEW"
Swanson argues that the most important preperation is world view and not our carrer. he
puts more effort into a world view.
A principle of living, a spirit and attitude capeable of maintqaing unity and identity with
itself and all of his necesatudes.
Holy product of individuals own knowledge of oneself as individuality, capeability, and
aspirations. He believed that carrer, family, and attire was all a waste. He didnt examine
what is Justice,soul and knowledge. E.G. Socrates stated: " UNexamined life is not worth
Knowledge - Wishful Thinking = beyond reasonable doubt. we use it in everything;
science, law, and so on.
If you believe something, it does not mean it is knowledge.
Knowledge- view of life is not objective knowledge but subjective Convection.
- Many have a world view.
- Obejctive knowledge matters, but wants to klnow reality.
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