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David Swanson

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York University
PHIL 1100
Anita Lam

LECTURE 3Wednesday September 14 2011David Swanson 1949THE DIGNITY OF LIFEWeltanschauungworld viewEudaimonia GreekDeep happinessAlifieMovie with Jude lawTheological answers to the meaning of lifeIf we dont have a concept of past and future andlived asanimals do we do not have eternal life and everythingis non existantIf we lived in the momnentit would be known as Unextended selfStandrad ViewWhat is human is extended sense of selfMade a Distinction between Prepertion for the external life and Preperation for the internal life a view of life WELTANSCHSUUNG German word known as WORLD VIEWSwanson argues that the most important preperation is world view and not our carrer he puts more effort into a world viewA principle of living a spirit and attitude capeable of maintqaing unity and identity with itself and all of his necesatudesSWANSON WORLD VIEWHoly product of individuals own knowledge of oneself as individuality capeability and aspirations He believed thatcarrer family and attire was all a waste He didnt examine what is Justicesoul and knowledge EG Socrates statedUNexamined life is not worth livingKnowledgeWishful Thinkingbeyond reasonable doubt we use it in everything science law and so onIf you believe something it does not mean it is knowledgeKnowledge view of life is not objective knowledge but subjective Convection Many have a world view Obejctive knowledge matters but wants to klnow reality
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