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Louis P. Pojman

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PHIL 1100
Anita Lam

Lecture 4Monday September 19 2011Louis P Pojman poimenAutonomySelfgovernment Make your own choices make choices on good reason rather than be coursed by threatsFalse DichotomyX OR Y Irenaean TheodicyAltruismPascals Wager GODGOD DOESNT EXISTSEXISTBELIEVEJackpotSome goodSome badDONT BELIEVEHorrorSome goodSome badAncient GreekAgonisticA Not GnosticKnowMEANING OF LIFEIt has a purpose It could be good or it could be bad You have to have an open mindWE WANT MEANING IN LIFE TO BE GOODHOW IS MEANING IN LIFE BAD A Harming yourself and othersHOW IS MEANING IN LIFE DIFFERENT A It is trivial endlesslyDoesnt do anything LOUIS POJMANRELIGION AGNOSTICPut togethercourse textbooksPHILIOSPHYEthicsNOT IN TEXTBOOKWhen he was an agnostic he became religious person later onHe said It would be nice if theism was not true we would have a better lifeAn Atheist said religion keep people from growing up We do not need someone watching us
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