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York University
PHIL 1100
Shyam Ranganathan

Lecture: 5 - camus - there are objective answers to what are right and wrong - Not about preferences - You are an agent who is defined in part by what you want - We are free to chose what we want and by choosing what we want, we define ourselves - Focus/emphasis on being human - A life worth living is a divine life - Humans are critters that can overcome boundaries if allowed - We cant overcome the limitation of virtue - The fact of our live is defined by these boundaries - Aslong as you dont think about the torture too much, you can live a happy life - We have to get rid of idea that there is a point to the activity - Cannot have a meaningful happy life...only happy or meaningful...not both - Camus - dont look for an escape..itll just happen - If the task we are doing is beneficial to others ..they need us and if we are needed we dont have to be people who are stuck - We are needed because we have mastered a task - Regard some challenges as duties - The way things are, are the way theyre supposed to be - satre - Existentialist is a philosopher who adopts the position of existentialism - You have a roll to play in the descriptions that you give to your life - The way you describe life is the way you relate to life - Must adopt a perspective - Existence precedes essences - Emphasize the idea that those feelings and thoughts about the world need to be affirmed or denied by you - Shucking your responsibility - Numeral possibilities for how you describe life - No matter which option you chose, youre choosing it - Your existence proceeds essence (theist) - One supreme subject and individual who precedes everyone else (theist) - No human nature, we are all living projects who goal is to determine their essence - No master essence - Even more true if you dont believe in god, you must take even more responsibility on as you are choosing for yourself and everyone else - Your choices are political and has consequences for other ppl - Ignoring the value decisions have in your life - You are a leader and you choices affect others - You are a model for others to emulate - In choosing for himself he is choosing for all man - You are free because you make choices - When you chose, you are choosing the better, never the worst - You are choosing the better not just for you, but for everyone - So you are acting for what Is better for everyone - We chose activities we want people to copy - Objection: you make decisions so that everyone wont make the same decision so you dont live a life with only copies - If we think diversity is the essence of obligation or duty then we shoulda be doing all the same thing - When we chose reasonably, we chose the better - No perfect perspective - No independent standard to influence your choice Tutorial - How to write a philosophy paper **you can use first person - Title page - Copy and paste which question it is - Half a page intro - Introduce the problem - The thesis question - What question
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