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PHIL 1100
Shyam Ranganathan

Lecture 6: - liberalism takes skeptical idea towards values - nagel - Life is absurd bc two perspectives dont get along - You have an interenal perspective - you embody by your form of life - External perspective that abstracts from all those things - Makes external perspective seem silly - Any external reason for values we have now - there arent - We view the world by our projects - No external standard with our choices and preferences..they seem silly - Perspective has no value (external) - We see value (interenal) - Undermines any value we have- non objective - Foundations and values deal with choices and perspectives? - More its about you, less there can be a universal standard - Values are defined by what you think is important - Your values vs reality - Problem of self reflection - Absurdity is one of the most human things about us - We humans are special bc were aware our lives are absurd - Perspective determined by your values and one not - Dont have to accept others perspectives, just be aware - Must reconcile it - External perspective doesnt indicate your perspective - It undermines the seriousness or creditability about your perspective - No absent standard - No absolute right answer, just do what is best in that situation - Values define exter
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