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God and the Meaningfulness of Nature :

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PHIL 1100
Shyam Ranganathan

Lecture 7 - wreck faith on philosophical skepticism - What if every cause needed an explanation - God as a first cause - Talk of the creator that our life was designed with some purpose - Philo getting us to divide our different requirements of god up - Requirement of explanation Is different than requirement for teacher or god - Requirement to continue to take responsibility for universe - Humans are similar to god in some ways (analogies) but not all - The world is like plants - Causality - Theres always a before - Always some contingency - Negatives are more exaggerated - Things are better than they are worse - Human happiness exceeds misery is hard to be proven - Limit to human suffering till death - The point of article is to be taken through all the possibilities that are consistence with the possibility of god - Require pain to communicate - You get a great god by trying to explain this Tutorial - The absurd - Thesis question: why is life absurd - Insignificant in the universe (not a quality reason bc if we were huge it wouldn't make us more significant) - Size doesnt make us significant rd - Were all gonna die anyways (not a quality reason to believe life is absurd (p.117 3 paragraph) issue of final value - - Instrumental value ---------> final value (why are certain things good, valuable) - P.116 - nothing we do will matter in a million years (not a quality reason because it wont matter now so it wont matter later and it wont matter later because it wont matter now) - Whats of value now, wont be valuable later. Whats valuable later, wont be valuable now - Stuff from a million years ago, does not
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