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Reality of the Self and Consequences of Action :

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PHIL 1100
Shyam Ranganathan

history - older brother was mean and his sons were mean - Younger brother was kind - Krishnia was a cousin to both - Vishnu means preserver - maintains order for people to thrive - Vishnu incarnated as krishnia - Both want his support - Younger choses krishnia - Older choses Krishnais army - Younger wins at a terrible cost. - Greed drives fight - Cost is blood shed - If if they win, he inherits loss of family - Violence against women when war occurs - The eternality of souls/ self - Metaphysical commitment, we are internal as an individual - No one can destroy the soul - If it doesnt matter if we live or die, what should base decisions on? - Should try to make decisions that reflect the truth in you -- deontology (karma yoga) - Sin is a stain on ones character - No choice you make will lead you to a sure thing / consequence - Doing the right thing because its your duty, without worrying about the consequences - What if it isnt fulfilling? - #2 karma yoga as a way to worship god (aka him) - Hindu european - Duty for duty sake, not because you expect something in return - Buka yoga? Duty for duty sake as a form of worship (offering to the divine) - Protection and promotion of diversity - master plan - Corrupt view of trying to rationalize consequence of your actions when the consequences have yet to be discovered ---irrational - Perfect your duty as a shield for confusion, when in conflict - Whats the right thing for you to do, whether you win or lose? - You can act or react - We should act (intentionally, not bc of how we think till work out) - Your life is meaningful as long as you act in a mater that respects our integrity (do
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