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PHIL 1100
Shyam Ranganathan

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Lecture 12: - point of yoga is to be critical, not just identify with thought - Having a blindfold on is like following a critical belief - Logic abstracts from context - Essence is reason - We have preconceived ideas about our body and what we can do with it - Youre an abstract entity that likes to subtract from abstracts - Do not want to blur personal interests - You want to exercise interests and be critical - If u understand a person, u understand them as self directed - If u wanna understand in relation to nature, theyre vulnerable to forces outside - If u treat things as an object of nature, u wont get to learn about Ursula - What it is to be a person, entity to be self directly abstracted from content - Success in yoga depends upon how serious you are at abstracting from content - Isolation: boundaries between you and other -
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