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Fackenheim & Quinn

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Sept2111thcontinuing from Monday 7 thesis a happy ending for all will be the result if theism is right This is the idea of life after death and this does not necessarily follow in accordance with theism When looking at Judaism and Islam the worlds largest theisms thdo not promise a happy ending for all The 8 is life after death We have the problem of eternal existence Not every version of Christianity believes in life after death Theism belief in God or Gods is logically separate in believing in life after death The two do not follow the title of his article is not that religion does give meaning to life but rather that it CAN give meaning to life FackenheimJudaism and the meaning of life section 1 he says Judaism rejects deism Deism being a kind of theism Believes in a God that does not govern the universe The God of Judaism is not just a person but it is an interactive person He discusses mysticism the view that there is a God of some sort which is beyond human comprehension This is not Judaism he says rather there is a personal relationship A God that interacts with people The encounters with God give life meaning second section he says human experience vastiliates between God being far and God being near There is a dialectic eschatologythe study of the end of times This relationship between God being far or near this is overcome in an eschatological manner what is the relationship God commands humans should be obedient This relationship involves humans being responsible The obedience is a large part of the meaning of life
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