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The Meaning of Life-Schopenhauer

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York University
PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Sept2611The Nontheistic AlternativeSchopenhauer writes on the suffering of the world He wrote this when he was 63 well known for pessimistic philosophy very honest individual he takes the pain and suffering of the world very seriously pain and suffering is not he exception in life it is the norm if you think there is more happiness than suffering he gives the example of the animal The predator is happy because he is getting a meal but the victim is in a lot of pain the horror of being chased caught and eaten He will argue that humans are more capable of pain and suffering than animalsif we think that there is more happiness in the world rather than suffering you would be naive We are like lambs in a field disporting themselves under the eye of the butcher he says the preponderance of pain must be so Imagine if we had everything we wanted we are either filled with arrogance or possibly madnesseven if life goes relatively well the longer you live the more clearly you will feel that life is a disappointment if two people were besties in their youth and meet again when older he says you would look at each in disappointment as to where you are now he gets into the issue of having children He himself did not have children If we were actually rational and sympathetic we would spare them the burden of existence We wouldnt have children Why Because their lives will have more pain and suffering rather than happiness which will get worse as they get older the burden of existence gets worse to the point where we look at happiness and satisfaction as the exception in life a
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