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The Meaning of Life-Baier

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Oct311Lecture 8begins by contrasting the medieval Christian view and scientific explanations When looking at the medieval Christian views science has discredited each viewhe focuses on Christianity what hes saying does not justify the Christian faith modern scientific view has undermined that of the Christians he will argue that science does not take away the meaning of life half the article today and the other half on wedthe explanation of the universe In this view hes looking at science with only explaining the physical views what we need for real explanations are teleological explanations which can be called final causationhow do you explain God if you use him to explain the universe Theologians reply that God is a necessary being so there is no infinite regress from his perspective God does not need an explanation he has two replies He says the idea of a logically necessary being The concept alone is like the concept of a married bachelor it is a contradiction of terms Logically necessary belongs to propositions His response to the theologians is that this is an oxymoron Even if there was such a God it does not automatically follow that a specific kind of explanation follows rather than another one In the traditional view of God nowadays he created the universe out of nothing he says perhaps both types of explanations the efficient causal and the teleological involve an infinite regress They cannot help us explain the universe Maybe we just cant explain it he thinks sc
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