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The Meaning of Life-Baier (cont'd)

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Oct511Lecture 9Continuation from Monday at this point his conclusion is that the universe is not a thing but rather a totality of things Refer to the fallacy of composition Therefore there is no reason to assume that the universe has an origin Individual things have origins but the entire universe does not have an origin to say the universe has an origin is filled with contradictions His view is that the universe is probably eternal It does not have a cause it always was and it always will be if one replies that the universe was created by God out of nothing then raises the question of the origin of God A common reply is that God is the only exception not having an origin There is a problem with saying something that does not need a cause because there is an exception to the rule The difference between saying God exists and the universe exists is that we know the universe exists section 2 is about the purpose of mans existence moving away from the topic of the universe He argues against someone who looks at science saying that it robs us of meaning If you look at the history of science it explains more and more the purpose of life Purpose has two senses according to him the first being purposie behaviour the reasons we do things and the second is purposie purpose inside something given to something In terms of the first science does not take away purpose inside us if anything it gives us more In that sense of meaning of life of purposie behaviour science increases that In terms of the second kind of purpose whether something has a purpose is not necessarily good or bad If a purpose is given to something or someone it does not follow that it is good for that thing or that being He looks at this as an insult if someone were to ask what is yo
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