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Kai Nielson

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PHIL 1100
Anita Lam

Lecture 1415Linguistic Philosophy and The Meaning of LifeKai Nielsen y Utilitarianism y Utilitarian Calculus y Theistic Evolution 1964Serious language what is thisthatAgrees with Ayer what is the meaning of life not cause description or how one livesA justification of our existenceHow should I live my lifeHow can we make our lives more worthwhile than othersIsought Fallacy many agree with it it is a fallacy Issue with God all powerfulMany theistic and atheist say that without God life would have no purpose we give meaning to our lives we have meaning in lifeBelieving in no Godis a God is irrelevant to meaning in life then meaning is up to usNielsen is atheist Even if we know God is there we do not have meaning in our livesLays the purpose to life still does not know the meaning to our lives what is the meaning of life Example You can know the purpose of brain surgery but you can disapprove the surgery itselfSuppose we know beyond a reasonable doubt we know the purpose of why God created us that doesnt justify the meaning we might disagree with Godbelieve a God of some sort evolution combine both GodLogically possible theistic evolutionand evolution some are ministers Just because we know the purpose does not mean we cannot disagree IsOught Fallacy a value answer most worthwhile lifeExistentialist no one should make the choice for us but for ourselvesIs any choice as good as any choice Philosophy cannot objectively have a good choice but subjectiveNielsen says objectively can have a purpose with the help of choicesArguments in moralityUtilitarianism axioms pain is bad pleasure is good morally do actions and laws and increase pleasure than pain if pain increases more than pain it is immoralPrinciples of distributive justice fairness John Rawls how we can be objectiveNielsen immorally and justice arent thoseGive reasons why we do moral thingsArguing morality is like arguing science
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