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The Meaning of Life

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Nov1411begins by pointing out that the question of the meaning of life is so heavily laden with our emotion and aspiration jokes should be taken in a Freudian manner Maybe this is why we make jokes about the meaning of life its a defence mechanism he argues against simplistic answers in the sense of a formula we shouldnt use these jokes and one liners to seek out the meaning of life it will be the result of extensive analysis to understand the meaning of lifehis next section is modes of meaningfulness He does a typical western thing he looks at different senses and kinds of meaning It is naive to think that there is only one meaning Some of these overlap with the analyses done by other philosophers we have looked at in this course 1 Meaning has external causal relationships The fact that we exist means that we have parents It also means that every single one of our ancestors goes far back and has produced at least one child If any one of our ancestors had died before adulthood we wouldnt be here Is this relevant to the meaning of life Yes because we are highly contingent Contingent means could be otherwise Causal consequence is a factor Causal senses therefore lead to the fact that the meaning of life can be a totality He calls it the causal web If we take this to be the meaning of life our place in a causal web we can extend forever on 2 The second meaning is meaning as external or referential or semantic relation There is synonyms reference symbolism Just as we are able to stipulate I can make up a word and stipulate what this will mean a life can have semantic meaning if it refers to a property which is objective that the life has It could refer to the nature of courage itself 3 The third meaning of meaning is meaning as intention or purpose Intending we do say
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