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The Meaning of Life-Nozick

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PHIL 1100
David Stamos

Nov2111Finishing up N from last week transcending limits is the last section He attempts to find meaning which transcends the limits of human life A self absorbed life for example is not one that is meaningful The narrower the limits the less meaningful a life is For a life to have meaning it must connect with other things Meaning is relational What kinds of relations Why is the self absorbed life not considered meaningful Not any kind of relation will do He emphasizes two broad directions He does not say that there are only two but these are the two he suggests There has to be a connection between other people or things Among personal relations loving another brings us beyond ourselves He says another way is through the intellectual life Why Because you can think about anything his piece seems to be observation based rather than theory based which can be problematic Khan a meaningful life is answering the longing for a meaningful life She relates the topic topeople on their death beds Looking back and judging whether their lives are meaningfulYou dont have to be on your death bed to contemplate your death she then brings up paradigms about what are meaningful and meaningless lives in our culture She brings up Ghandi mother Teresa Lives of moral or intellectual accomplishment What about meaningless lives She doesnt name any examples but she gives examples of activities which she considers meaningless Active engagement in projects of work are meaningful In terms of projects of work it implies the concept of objective values One is great moral accomplishments and one is gr
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