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Parenthood- Ruddick and Hooks (recap of Crenshaw) April 1st.docx

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PHIL 2500
Linda Carozza

April 1, 2013 Parenthood Theorists- Bell Hooks Sarah Ruddick Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw Crenshaw- Political intersectionality-messages and Ideological- politics also categorization conflict women of colour experience. In terms of racism and sexism work against women of colour. Subordinated in both. In activist circles- white feminists with sexism, men of colour in racism- their voices are valued more. Hiearchy: (not meantioned by Crenshaw, but is potentially a way of thinking about race/sex power hierarchy) White men White women Men of colour Women of colour -White women and coloured men are both oppressed and oppressors. Critiques of second wave feminism acknowledges this. Arguably men of colour have more power than white women depending on your perspective or the context. The Stupid theory of equality- Brison uses Mickinneon’s term- when measures for sexual or gender equality are actually oppressive. More oppressing, rather than alleviating harm- administration on campus wouldn’t rape prevention policies for women, disallowed rape prevention policies because they didn’t include men. Rape prevention courses, women couldn’t get credit. Discrimination. Keep women oppressed. -Classes on rape prevention- For Brison, they are short term maybe, but it’s practical. Ruddick and Hook’s perspectives on child rearing (related to lectures on opting out, women’s work) -Childrearing- associated with women. -Ruddick- Maternal thinking. -She’s a radical thinker. -She wants to ascribe value to maternalism- without essentializing. Women are not the only one’s who can be maternal. Many feminist devalue the private realm- like Friedan. And De Beauvoir- part of what keeps us from transcend is materialism. But there are also groups of feminists revere motherhood- natural ability. They essentialize women. They say that women should claim power in their biological and social motherhood. There are both feminists who devalue and value materialism. -Ruddick wants make virtuous those things associated with maternalism- but it’s not a sense of power for women, anyone can be maternal, men too. -There is an intellectual practice to maternalism- not mechanical or physical like some would argue. Maternalism for Ruddick is a social category, construct. It’s not essential. Maternalism requires 1-Preserving the life of children- not just your own. 2-Helping children to grow and develop 3- Ensure children become productive adults in society In order to do these things- it requires reflection and judgment- it’s not separate from emotion but it is intellectual process. Ways we’re not maternal -Parents live through their children. This especially happens with Nuclear families, not thinking about society. It’s only about your connection with your child. Virtues of maternalism 1.Cheerful- but not blindly denies things, thinks everything is positive 2.Humble- but it’s not self debasement. -Fluid idea of what it means to parent- change is expected. Child changes, parent changes. -Her expectation is that everyone is the community needs to assume the role of childrearing. She collapse the binary- it’s not about masculine and feminine behaviour- everyone raises children. Not even just dividing the raising between mother and father- it’s everyone in the community. -Love and Attention- intellectual capacities. We usually don’t associate th
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