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PHIL 2500 Lecture Notes - Sexual Assault, Reductionism, Prefix

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PHIL 2500
Linda Carozza

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Monday March 25th
A Feminist Analysis of Sexual Assault & Domestic Work (Choice or
-Frye-pp. 52-83
-Coercion, Exploitation, Oppression, the arrogant eye, the loving eye.
Exploitation- tension between exploitation and oppression, a contradiction.
To oppress something is to press something in place, confine, molded. Not free to
resist, hard to transcend oppression, analogy of the bird cage, you can’t just fly out
of the bird cage.
To be exploited- That person is malleable, or flexible, self maintaining, go on with
what’s expected of them. If you are exploited, there need to be output, but even
though their doing- but not enough to resist. They need to be self maintained if they
are going to work for them. They’re “doing”, action, but not enough resist, escape.
-uses psychology- the exploitation self-respect disappears, transfers to the person
who is exploiting. They do what they need to do to survive. They displace their
respect to the person who is exploiting them.
-Sartre-You’re mobile, youre doing whats expected to do, so “apparently” you have
choice to do or not to do.
-They choose of least resistance, they choose a path of survival potentially.
-Exploitation- doing something for someone else’s gain.
Analogy- you can’t make oppressed people equivalent to black slaves. Good reason
for people who are in the sex trafficking, but wife is not the same.
-Mary Daly- Robotitute is living in a hollow existence. Serving the needs of another.
De Beauvoir- Only not dying. Not self actualizing, not transcending. Just maintains a
statues-quo existence.
-A slave is not like that, because they are an appendage of the master, the master can
transcend, or self-actualize, have goals, the slave serves the interests of the master.
-They actually aren’t just robots, they are self interested, interested in survival
through the master, dependant on him.
-Arrogant eye-
person in power- They acquire other’s serves by disintegrating, a person- they
become a tool.
Everything is seen from the arrogant eye- can’t empathize, see from other’s eyes.
They don’t have a perspectival approach. Self centered. It’s my world or it’s no
world, can’t analyses from others perspectives-not perspectival. Everything is either
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