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Domestic Work- Choice or Coercion? Stone and Kuperberg, Opting out.docx

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PHIL 2500
Linda Carozza

thMonday March 18 Domestic Work Choice or Coercion Theorists Arielle KuperbergPamela Stone Opting Out Sociological primarily Pamela Stone Women arent opting out their being shut out Important conceptsrhetoric vs reality opting out choice motherhood wifehood elitism postfeminism antifeminism new traditionalist MethodologyReview historical trends of how W are presented in the media statistics of women who opt out interviews of women who opt out afterwards conclusions pointing out inconsistencies its a feminist revolution vs whats really going on Whats going on rhetorically in the media doesnt reflect whats going on in reality Theres an inconstancy The suggest that there isnt really that free choice its just couched in democratic language Assumptionsreferring to heterosexual women married have children elite women women of privilege Lots of people minorities get left out Glamorizes makes it appealingOpting out term was coined by New York Times 2003authors explore rhetoric and reality surrounding exist of college educated
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