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Central systems are the basic representation are beliefs.docx

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PHIL 3030
Kristin Andrews

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Are the central systems modular at all? Are they massively modular? Defend your answers. Central systems are the basic representation are beliefs , desires and attitudes. They are part of the abductive reasoning, central systems are domain general , isotropic and quinean.The concept of modularity has played a role in debates in philosophy , epistemology and additional areas of philosophy When talking about modularity, one name inparticular comes to mind. Fodor. According to Fodor there are canonical and common characeristics . Canonical are that of , Domain spefcifcity , Mandatory operation, Limited central accessibility, Fast processing and Informational encapsulation. While common characteristics are Fixed neural archtechture , specific breakdown patterns and innate. Given that the mind is modular in the massive modularity thesis , we can see that planning , problem soving and belief fixation are in the high level cognition functions. If the idea of massive modularity is that the brain is a domain specific process
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