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PHIL 3030
Kristin Andrews

Provide an example of how evolutionary theory has been applied to study some aspect of the mind. Does this application contribute to our understanding of the mind? Why or why not? The evolutionary origins of theory of mind can be traced back in existent non-human primates; theory of mind probably emerged as an adaptive response to increasingly complex primate social interaction. Evolutionary psychology focuses on genetic relatedness and its relationship to behaviour but generally does not examine individual genes. Evolutionary theory can be applied to the study of the mind many ways , however, I am going to focus on mate selection as an example . When thinking about this topic I feel as though I have been set back to many ages ago, where sexual selection in humans where males compete and females choose. When it comes to females choosing is it innate in us or is it just evolving. It is a fact that now more than ever the age of getting married or even just having a partner is longer than before. Granted due to our physiology, women bear and nurse children, and men have their size, physical strength and endurance. These attribute provide a separation f duties that is accomplished by one sec or the other. IF women are there to bear and nurture their children it would be safe to say that women would be limited to scavenging ,agriculture and home bound activities and generally avoiding the manly duties such as hunting , plowing and what one could say violence . However, it can been seen that times have started to evolve and women have been taken on the roles of hunters and warriors, so to speak. Prior to the invention of plastic surgery , restynline and botox men like women with smooth skin. Why , because, a woman with smooth skin was said to be fertile, so it was in the interest of our ancestors in
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