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PHIL 3576 Lecture One

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PHIL 3576
Duff Waring

Historical Introduction- Lecture One (January 7, 2012)  Evaluating the efficacy of a new drug by testing it on human is not new (dates back to the 10th century)  10th century records show testing the efficacy of poisons on prisoners (captive populations)  13th century- Roger Bacon- experimental science; said it was dangerous to perform experiments on human subjects  Human experimentation made most significant impact through Edward Jenner; Dairy farmers that contracted Cow Pox, were immune to Small Pox o Many in this experiment died or developed harmful illnesses i. Inject subjects with swine pox ii. After a week he injected them with small pox *First human research subject was his two year old son (no results) iii. Later tried first injecting an 8 year old boy with cow pox and then small pox and was successful  Alexis Martin had a gaping wound on his stomach; Beaumont used this opportunity to study gastric juices  Medical research ≠medical care  Louis Pasteur- sensitive to violence in human experimentation o Looked for an anecdote to cure rabies o Pasteur was approached by a desperate mother to cure her son that was bitten by a rabid dog  Hospitals were a common locus to try experimental drug on patients  Goal of research slowly began to take precedence over the patients well being  Walter Reid o Had members of his research team deliberately expose themselves to mosquitos o One died- led to seeking more subjects o Sought out poor Spanish laborers o Contract laid out $100 compensation for participation and another $100 if subject contracte
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