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Class Notes for Philosophy at York University (YORKU)

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YORKPHIL 2050Susan DimockFall

PHIL 2050 Lecture Notes - Vicegerent, Practical Reason

OC217457 Page
28 Oct 2011
Natural law: correct/basic moral code, core of morality (same everywhere, doesn"t tell us everything we need to know. If the law is not well-framed, th
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YORKPHIL 2075Duff WaringFall

PHIL 2075 Lecture Notes - Applied Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Normative Ethics

OC21705312 Page
25 Mar 2014
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YORKPHIL 1100David StamosWinter

PHIL 1100 Lecture Notes - Robert Nozick, Thanatology, Teleology

OC725062 Page
16 Apr 2013
No; playing some role in god"s plan is insufficient, we need to play a central/important one. Even if our role was to act as a bad rolemodel, we expect
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YORKPHIL 1100Anita LamFall

Leo Tolesty

OC1519210 Page
12 Oct 2011
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YORKPHIL 2060Esteve MoreraFall

PHIL 2060 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Thomas, Rationality, Belp

OC6975573 Page
17 Nov 2015
Ap/phil 2060 social and political philosophy: aristotles work continues on to be an influence through generations and understanding. Cordoba was the fi
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YORKPHIL 1100Henry JackmanSummer

PHIL 1100 Lecture Notes - Buck Passing, Arthur Schopenhauer, Stoicism

OC5543512 Page
30 Oct 2012
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YORKPHIL 1100Anita LamFall

Paul edwards

OC151923 Page
2 Nov 2011
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YORKPHIL 1100Anita LamFall

Arthur Schopenhauer

OC151922 Page
2 Nov 2011
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YORKPHIL 1100David StamosFall

PHIL 1100 Lecture Notes - Existentialism

OC247972 Page
2 Dec 2011
He agrees with ayer, when we ask what is the meaning of life . we are not asking for the causes of life or a description about how people lead their li
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YORKPHIL 2070Julie AllenWinter

PHIL 2070 Lecture 11: KANT Overheads 1

OC4936573 Page
26 Apr 2016
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YORKPHIL 2060Esteve MoreraFall

PHIL 2060 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Primitive Accumulation Of Capital, For Marx, Bourgeoisie

OC14086862 Page
19 Jul 2017
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YORKPHIL 2240Jill CumbyFall

PHIL 2240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Behaviorism

OC9681772 Page
29 Sep 2016
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