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Political Evil Political Evil – Chp 15

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Political EvilChp 15 As demonstrated in national socialist germany begins in 1943 and ends in 1945th What occurred in Germany in first half of 20 century was a phenomenon the Corruption of a political regime or corruption of body politic French sociologist and philosopher Raymond Aron asks why and in what circumstances did a highly civilized nation surround himself to demigod hitler turn to m 161 manentEarly germany was ac coutnry of culture and cutting edge ideas capital of artistic and intellectual renaissance bad best public education in Europe at the time th 2 major philosophers of 20 century Heidegger Wittgerstein both had relationship to hitler Wittgerstein went to kindergarten and Heidegger was in a nazi member of national socialist party There was an honour attached to serving in the military Manent this honour should have stopped the leadership from following hitlers orders th WWI founding event of the 20 century19141918 1989 fall of soviet union Germany lost WWI but saw them self as victorious didnt lose territory and it wasnt invadedGermany felt like their poltical eladership had stabbed them in theback once armasist was signed terms were so difficult they felt treason occurredVersaille peace treaty 1919 mean spirited and object of popular resentment upset with france England and AmericaThis Germany antagonism with france England and America was powerfully translated into civilzational terms different and competing civilizations Saying that French and Americans have a different way of life and civilization that is incompatiable with their own Intelligent sociability conversation interactingGermans argue that the French were superficial and corruptOn the anglo amcerican civilization is founded upon commerce and individual initiativeFrom a german perspective French superficiality and anglo American greed were an impediment to greatness Seek to great a civilization of greatness and of true culture of mind and soul Germans will try to move away from calculated self interestIn case of French this self interest has to do with mannersCalculated self interest of Americans had to do with greed engaged in commerceManent points out one of the bes ways to avoid calculated self interest is to see war as the ultimate expression of greatness
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