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Hannes Lacher

6uesday 22 November 2011Liberalism TEngland Liberalism1688 Glorious Revolutions in EnglandLiberalism not democracyconstitution separation of powers parliamentary control over lawmakinggovernment responsive to parliamentenfranchisement of property holdersPopular struggles for expansionuniversalization of franchiseLevellers mid17th CEChartists 183848Reform League 1850s60sSuffragettes late 19th early 20th CEBritain Voting RightsReform Act 1832 extended voting rights to adult males who rented propertied land of a certain value 14 of males in the UK now have voting rightsReform Act 1867 enfranchised all male urban householders effectively giving 1530 of men the right to voteRepresentation of the People Act 1884 extended the Reform Act of 1867 to the countryside this gave voting rights to 60 percent of menBetween 8851917 the suffragette movement sought to gain the right to vote for womenRepresentation of the People Act 1918 property qualications for voting were lifted for men who could vote at 21 some women over 30 years old could vote based on property qualications 7 of the electorate had more than one voteRepresentation of the People Act 1928all men and women over 21 could now vote without property qualicationsWestern EuropeEmergence of liberal thought in the Enlightenment periodFrench Revolution 1789 liberal constitutionalist challenge to absolutist monarchy1791 liberal constitution based on property qualications exclusion
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