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Lecture 9

Lecture 9

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 9 Solution to enigma consent and political legitimacyLot does not offer ongoingrenewing consentExpression of hazard or chanceAt least 23 of modern democratic revolutions will oppose heredity Easier to attack kingship by invoking the need for consentRecourse to elections allow another egalitarian principles to emerge o Expression for the principle of distinction o Distinguishing feature o Public office holders must be different from their electorsDifference is a good thing o Define principle of distinctionRepresentatives should be economically socially and morally superior to electorsMore wealthy talentedand virtuous representative government was instituted in full awareness that elected representatives would and should be distinguished citizens socially different from those who elected themPeople who founded representative government wanted public office holders to be more wealthy talentedand virtuous than the common people important controversial pointWe all feel our regime is a fair and egalitarian and its contentious because it put into question a commonly shared democratic ideal that no one person or group of people knows enough to take away our right to govern o one important principle of Athenian regimeDesigned that the same peoplesame kind of people gets elected Distinction principle manifesting itself in England France USContributes to Manins conclusion that we live in a regime that can best be described in a democratic aristocracy a mixed regime same as Venice bourgeois ideologyliberalismEngland Deference and CostSelection of member of parliament was rarely a contestant process before English Civil War not opposedo Either unanimously reelected After 1640 more or less competitive just between opposing elites wasnt truly democraticth By mid 18 century England return to election not contested
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