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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Aristocratic Elections and Metamorphosis of Representative Government

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Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

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Lecture 10Distinction principle what it means idea that representatives should be economically socially and morally superior than who elected them Those who obtained political office should be wealthier higher social standing more virtue than those who voted for them Britain Deference define tendency to give in to the will of others that come from a higher rank than we do High costs of campaigningFrance active and passive citizens 3 days wages allowed to partake in the 2 tiered electoral system indirectCreate a filtration of democracy American Philadelphia convention delegates agreed that there should be wealth requirement for public office holders unable to decide on the level to apply uniformly unable to entrench the wealth requirementsDecided to create large electoral districts James Madison allow general respectability and probable attachment to rights of propertyDespite extension to the right to vote and the dropping of wealth or property requirements will not fundamentally modify the practise of representative governmentdemocratic aristocracyIn theoretical terms Manin offers 4 reasons why elections are aristocratic1 Electors do not treat candidates equallya Can only be explained if adopting perspective of votes when electors are called upon to decide not obliged to be impartial nobody forces us to follow the guidelines to treat everyone equallyb As electors we are left alone to make our choices we can be as partial as we want c Its our right to be partiald Not all candidates will be treated equally eforce someone to be impartial is not possible 2 In situation of choice candidates must be distinguisheda Manin 139 to elect is to choose b In order to make the choice voters have to find distinguishing characteristicsi Have to be something thats positively valued ii Have to be unique iii It would be hard to choose if all candidates are similar
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