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Lecture 15

Lecture 15 - Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 15Liberalism Conservatism and Socialism LiberalismLiberal ideology or thought puts rational individual property owner in the centre of the worldo Liberals will argue as individuals we all have access to reasonThrough reason we can actually understand our happinessTo be happy means that we must fully consume natureNeed happiness to withstand the test of time need propertyProperty is essential to be happy for liberals and remain happyProvides general consistency to existThere is no limit to the consumption of natureThis is why we are rational property owners for liberalsCentre of the worldFor liberals individuals comes first no institution that knows more than we do what happiness isCannot own one without guaranteeing that these things will be protected against passionsTo protect property we need the state a necessary evilIn theory the state will be given minimal functionsHowever despite the theoretical idea the history of practise of liberalism will command the expansion of state functionThe state functions will have to expand because economy itself will have to be expanded we will have to allow more and more people to enjoy the power of consumption to give them more spending powerState will exist create social programs that will allow wealth distribution eg income tax tax the rich give to the poor raise living standards and Therefore the state will take on a much more important function in practiseIf you bring standards of living up allow people to partake in the joy of consumption you take away peoples reason to revolt o Its difficult to deny the historical success of liberalism the power of attraction of liberalism tho From the 18 century onwards it is liberalism that will guide and shape the major transformation that will occur in the western society liberalism will be the driving forceFirst industrialization liberalism will be the guiding forceurbanizationLiberalism will reduceeliminate the arbitrary nature of political powerReduce the brutal nature of powerLiberal ideology will be evoked against absolute monarchs of Europe To justify the destruction of monarchy liberal principles will be usedMajor democracies US France contained in liberal thoughtWhen liberals proclaimed universal freedom and equality for all this will have great political and social effectIdea contained in declarations of revolutionsTheres a power of attraction in liberalism that nobody can deny o Historical success will not come without a price
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