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Lecture 14

Lecture 14 - Liberal Ideology

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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 14January 17 2011Liberal Ideology Recall Definition of ideology in short at its most basic expression an ideology is the articulation of a global system of thought that is based on the critique of status quo This critique opens up a view of the future and entailsoffers a precise program of action Ideologies employ propaganda in order to convince the many and as such they deform and magnify aspects of social realityExam questionRole and functions of ideology ideologies offer meaning and identity in a world that remains ultimately without meaning In a secular world full of meanings is no longer the sameHuman beings are creatures who believe or mean to believe people can choose their own meaningIdeology is playing the role of a secular religion There are inherent risks associated with ideological thinkingBiggest risk induces the form of ideological laziness put aside your critical thinking skills Another risk Ideology has the tendency to present what it says as being the absolute Truth imposing this truth on othersLiberalismCapitalism is part of liberalismLiberalism is not just an economic theoryIf we were to understand liberalism there are many dimensionsLiberalism will articulate the elements that we will find in the other two major ideologiesOppositions between liberalism and socialism are not as clear cut Socialism is liberalisms legitimate offspring Socialism takes ideas within liberalism and pushes them to the maximum extension It naturally flows from liberalism Historically speaking liberalism will present itself as being an alternative to religionreligious thinking Its developed as a substitute for the outlook and teaching of the middle agesLiberalism will not only refuse the Middle Ages but also the renaissanceo Liberalism argues that we cannot return to Athens or Rome Reason why liberalism rejects renaissance is religious mystificationo Liberalism also rejects antiquity because in both Athens and Rome the mores habits of the heart modes of being in society were war likeo Liberals wants to substitute war for commerce
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