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Lecture 18

Lecture 18 - Contemporary Crises of Ideologies

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Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

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Both socialist and liberals agree that people are born free and equalFreedom and equality should be both instrument and end of our existence Freedom and equality should be a reality of everyday lifeFreedom and equality in liberal thought is formal In reality we know some people are freer than other and there is inequalitySocialists would argue that we must go beyond the formal nature in equality Private property creates the inequality he possessesMain culprit is private property it creates exclusion Inequality creates class conflictEconomic inequalities creates exploitation people will be paid to work for othersEconomic exploitation will create real inequality pave the way for political dominationFew who owns things will seek to dominate the power over manyPut an end to natural liberty Equality and freedom is destroyedSocialism will be an improved version of liberalismWe can replace private property with o State appropriation of property o Social appropriation of private propertyCommunal living workers self managementIf you have workers at GM instead of having bosses making decisions you will have democratically elected council of workers to decide output productivity and hiring criteria o Based on a rational approach to human needs o Socialist agree we should use our reason and we have our reason to decide precisely that we need Contemporary Crisis of IdeologiesBehind each ideology there is a specific social force th Each ideologies rest upon a social force that coalesce in the 19 century o Either come to be or become very powerful in the periodAll 3 ideologies are born before radio televisionWe are living in 21th century but using intellectual apparatus created and designed for another eraStrangeWhy is it we still speak of liberalism socialism and conservatism th Beginning of 19 century will be characterized by intense activity around the creation of ideologies o Creativity will progressively diminish as time goes onBy the mid 20th century new ideological thinking will cease
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