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Lecture 17

Lecture 17 - Socialism

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Conservatism What we must do is we must make sure that society mirrors this universal order of things Series in which each elements is graded or evaluated Eg Catholic Church each is ranked pope closest to godHierarchy leads Conservatives to favour natural institutions 3 family monarchy churchWhy are they natural Theyve been here foreverThe only possible role the state can have is to ensure the peace and stability necessary for this institution to continuest 1 method laws nd 2 method education Allow us to understand the importance of the respect of hierarchy and natural institutionsArgue for the use of violent methodCannot simply reduce violence to its physicality can be symbolic like censorship Socialism Other main challenger born of liberal thoughtSocialism will be like conservatism based upon a social force as a consequence of liberalismWithout liberalism you dont get socialism and conservatismAround 1850 you will have a constituted working class creation due to urbanization and industrialization because of liberalism in Europe working class will be the locus of socialist thought social force behind socialism Term socialism was recent first time in 1834 created by a French thinker Pierre Leroux article entitled Individualism and SocialismIn 1841 a British thinker Robert Owen wealthy industrialist will use the term write a book call What is socialismSocialism will be extremely popular and picked up quicklySocialism designated a set of principles that oppose the possessive individualism what counts for liberals is possession that associated with liberal thought CB Macpheron of UofT Socialism will refuse the capitalistic idea of humans being are egotisticalWill also refuse that the idea of private property is the motor of economic activity Socialists will not deny liberal principlesSocialist ideology will resemble liberalism Socialist believe that liberal ideas and principles must be surpassed by pushing them to their extreme limitSocialist radicalize get to the root liberal ideas o For example liberals believe are equal by nature we all have access to reason socialist agree but socialist will say if we are all born equal we should also enjoy equality of outcome in society
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