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Lecture 21 - The Movement of Equality

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Political Science
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POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

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Lecture 21 Short definitions 1 sentence or two Definitions are in the topics of 5 exam questions Two essay questions taken from the 5 Historical materialism The movement of democratic equalityArgument Manent is making is that the social bond in modern democratic societies is that of equality The question of social bond is what is it that holds highly individualized society togetherWhat gives us cohesion over and above the diversity and difference contained in modern society EQUALITY Main characteristics of society organization of separations Separate different realms and beliefs The most common division that shapes who we are is the division of church and state All of these divisions can only be understood as imperativesOur society does not suggest a separation of church and state we must Because each division of separations allow us to be freeDivision of power the need of division of power Montesquieu Political power is dangerous and we must be careful with dealing with political power Spirit of Laws Book 11 Ch 6 It is an eternal experience that everyone has power tends to abuse itProblem for montesqieu is that we must to avoid tyranny and stop despotism to be free since they will put an end to our freedom How do we stop We structure our political community and power in such a way that becomes impossible for anyone to monopolize power We pick power against power In order for the separation of powers to work
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