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Lecture 1 Why Do We Have to Think Critically

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 1 POLS 1000Critical thinking o Criticalnegating devaluing o A good review is still criticism being criticalo Critical does not refer to the conclusion o Def Thinking process that aims at evaluatingThinking process A skill doesnt come naturally must be developed through practiceTakes different factors into accountContext History Observation Coherence Relevanceo WHY Intellectual weapon protect from charlatans help get a good job make correct decisions intellectual self defence o Essential in fighting a phenomenon that plagues us today STUPIDITY o Allows us to engage in ABSTRACT THOUGHTCommon bond between literature and politics o Desire for immortality o Both allows us to transcend leave traces of existence o Most painful and lasting consequence of death be forgottenMilan Kundera o 1929 Czech o Distinction between ignorance and stupidity o Novels Essays Short stories in both Czech and French o Unbearable lightness of beingBest intr
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