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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 - Institutions of Democracy

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Lecture 5Institutions of DemocracyRECALLPressures brought on by merchants and peasants people excluded from political lifeAthens second rate polisflourishing cityo Economic crises and political conflict o Cleisthenes Isonomy iso quality nomy laws equality before the laws nd 2 meaning Equal participation in the creation of the lawsDemes bonds fight together engage in political life togetherThe Assembly direct democracy either direct or not democracy in Athens tho 5 century Assembly discuss or to vote on proposed lawsMost times raising hand sometimes secret ballotApproximately 40 times a yearAll citizens were invited approx 20003000 citizens would partake in assemblyPeasants living far were hesitated of showing up cost them more to show up tho 5 century monetary compensation to the person showing up Democracy is created through experienceo Most Athenian citizens had at least one political experience in life o Most important function debate on proposalpower of speech rhetoric were very importantcontain the danger of power of speech demagogy guide to people corrupt the people in order to gain favours dema people gogy agogos to guide Ostracism to expel a citizen engaged in demagogy up to 10 years Graphe para nomon graphe proposition para againstcontrary nomon law having convinced the assembly to vote for something thats against the interest of the common good convincing the assembly to vote for a law thats illegalWays the assembly can correct itself did not stop Athenians from believing that people can make decisions regarding political life
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