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Lecture 23 - Gender Politics

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Political Science
POLS 1000
Martin Breaugh

Anthropological underpinnings of human rights Who is the bearer of human rights Immanuel Kant the anthropological basis is the free and autonomous individual It is when humanity has encouraged to use it own understanding that can give itself rights Formula saper aude courage to use your own understandingHow these rights were proclaimed French parliament and reps proclaimed these rights proclaimed by the people for the peopleThe proclamation was proof or evidence that we were free and we were autonomousNo longer must we seek the approval of God we can directly proclaim things ourselvesLegitimacy For centuries it was approval of Gods Now we no longer need God legitimacy can now be conferred through human action Both an break for what came before modernity and came a crucial aspect of modern timesPolitical critique of legitimacy from human action is absurd and dangerous because with this proclamation you put into question you threaten the institutions that of which withstood the test of time This institution was indeed attacked and put into question by proclamation of human rights The conservative critique was no only a dogmatic critique of human rights in favour of monarchy Burke reminds us that rights are worthless if they are abstract How can you have enforceable rights if they are not inscribed in a particular community Rights of men and rights of an Englishmen Social critique Karl Marxs angle of attack comes from the anthropological critique of human rights it is the autonomous and free individual This individual is almost always a bourgeois self centered egotistical property owner
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