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Martin Breaugh

January 9th, 2012 Professor Martin Breaugh Ideology  Social force that expands during the renaissance; rise of merchant class  The outlook of rising merchant class will be practical  Will purpose a new ethics that will equate the useful with the good  In turn will bring changes or modifications to philosophy o Will have to be more aware of human needs and human capacities o Will have to think about no longer the best world, but the best possible world o The best possible society and the creation of the best possible society leads to the betterment of all  The term ideology was born at the time of the French Revolution and it was created by a French enlightenment philosopher Antoine Destott de Tracy (1754 - 1836)  The fact that it was invented by an enlightenment philosopher is important o The age of enlightenment or the age of reason was a widespread cultural movement in the 18th century o Through reason, individuals could decide for themselves how to act o Through reason, individuals could become happy o Ensure personal happiness o Reason must be the primary authority in our lives. o With emphasis on reason, enlightenment philosophers attacking the church o Most eloquent expression of the changes in the renaissance o Englighenment philosophers will be distinguishing themselves from their predecessors o Distinguish themselves from more traditional philosoph (medieval Christian philosophy) if only because they are both practical in their outlook and also because they were interested in the betterment of humanity o Enlightenment philosophers will refuse the other worldly nature of medieval philosophy  Antoine de Tracy says we should no longer speak of philosophy but of ideology o A science of ideas o Ideology offers us a scientific approach to ideas and the scientific approach would mean a practical study of ideas and this practical study will be aimed at transforming the world into a better place  When the term appears in the middle of the French Revolution, becomes an instant success; widely used  Comes to designate a small group of extremely influential figures considered to be very cutting edge of their time o Philosophers who are considered the society of ideologists founded in 1795 o The members of this society were considered only practical knowledge can change the world o We would have to institute social reforms and turn to education o The political positions that this society of ideologists will adhere to will put them in conflict with Napoleon  Napoleon's opposition to the society of ideologists was vicious o Will call them dreamers, utopians and makers of ideas o His opposition will be so strong, Napoleon will ban the teaching of political and moral science in France in 1812 o This is extremely effective  The term ideology will fall into disrepute and acquire a very negative connotation  The German Ideology by Karl Marx and Fredric Engels o What Marx and Engels say about ideology in this book has stuck with us o Offers a preliminary definition of ideology January 9th, 2012 Professor Martin Breaugh o Ideology will be define
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